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Séminaire NANO

Jeudi 7 mai à 9H30,
Salle Rémy Lemaire, K223

Orateur : Lucien Besombes (NPSC)
"Optical control of individual magnetic atoms in semiconductors"

Abstract :

Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) allow for the manipulation of single charge and spins in a solid-state system. It has been shown that the optical properties of a QD can also be used to access the spin of individual or pairs of magnetic atoms. An individual magnetic atom spin can be prepared by the injection of spin polarized carriers and its spin state can be read through the energy and polarization of the photons emitted by the QD.
During this talk, we will first review recent experiments showing how we can control optically, electrically or using strain, the fine structure (i.e. the magnetic anisotropy) of an individual magnetic atom (Mn). We will discuss the consequence on the spin dynamics of the magnetic atom. We will then show that the coherent dynamics of coupled carrier-Mn spins is strongly sensitive to the local strain distribution in the QD. This sensitivity should be enhanced for magnetic atoms with an orbital momentum, such as Cr. We will present first experiments on this magnetic element and discuss possible applications.

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