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Séminaire NANO

Mardi 10 Mars à 9h30,
Salle Rémy Lemaire, K223

Orateur : Xavier Waintal (CEA-Grenoble)
"AC Josephson effect without superconductivity, and other effects of radio frequency quantum nanoelectronics"


In this seminar, I will discuss recent developments in the theory of time resolved quantum nanoelectronics. With single coherent electron sources and electronic interferometers available in the lab, the dynamics of electronics quantum states — mostly confined to two level systems before — can now be probed for propagating states such as the so called "flying Qbits".
I will discuss the concept of "dynamical control of an interference pattern" that extends interference patterns observed in d.c. to the time domain. I will also briefly advertize our software for computing quantum transport properties, Kwant ( ) and its time-dependent extension T-Kwant.

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