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Soutenance de thèse

Jeudi 11 décembre à 14h00,
Salle des séminaires, Bât. A

Oratrice : Joséphine ZIMMERMANN
"Nanocristaux organiques enrobés d’une coquille silicatée pour la réalisation de traceurs fortement fluorescents pour l’imagerie médicale."


This work has allowed the synthesis of hybrid nanoparticles composed by organic crystal cores embedded in organosilicate shells for the development of in vivo imaging applications (two-photon fluorescence microscopy). The synthesis of these nanoparticles has been adapted with different types of organic dyes. The composition of the silicate shell can also be modulated in order to modify the properties of dispersion in aqueous solution, the surface charge of particles or chemical functions present at the surface. Due to the dissolution of organic cores in organic solvents, different strategies of functionalization were developed in aqueous media to enhance the furtivity of these nanoparticles in vivo. These methods have led to the circulation of the nanoparticles into the bloodstream of mice. However, the circulation lifetime of these nanoparticles is short. New strategies of functionalization (click chemistry) should help in the future to extend this circulation time for the possible development of these new fluorescent tracers.

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