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Séminaire MCMF

Jeudi 2 octobre à 14h30,
Salle Erwin Bertaut, F418

Orateur : Valberto Pedruzzi Nascimento (UFES-ES-Brazil)
"Exchange spring coupling in NiFe/IrMn/Co trilayers."


In this talk, aspects of the exchange spring and exchange bias effects which may exist in FM /AF/FM trilayers structures will be discussed. The possibility of coupled or uncoupled FM layers, the dependence between the FM/AF interfaces and the reorientation phenomenon which have been frequently mentioned in the literature will be also considered. The exchange spring effect observed in the NiFe/IrMn/Co trilayer, deposited at room temperature by magnetron sputtering technique, will be shown as an example. Conventional and element selective hysteresis loops suggest that the exchange spring exists even before application of the field cooling process and it is strongly dependent on the degree of [111] texture of the IrMn layer. In addition, FMR results indicate that the coupling angle is strongly correlated to both the exchange bias and the exchange spring effects

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