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Lundi 22 septembre à 14h00,
Salle des séminaires, bâtiment A

Orateur :Adrien Borne
"Triple photons through third-order nonlinear optics"

Abstract :

This work concentrates on the direct generation of triple photons by third-order nonlinear optical interactions in solid-state matter. The three photons constituting the triplet state arise from the splitting of a single photon, and are therefore highly correlated. The four interacting particles fulfill the energy and linear momentum conservation laws. Additional fields can stimulate this process and thus increase its conversion efficiency, but at the cost of losing the correlations of the triplet states. In order to generate efficiently the triplets while preserving their coherence properties, two strategies are investigated. In the first one, the interaction occurs in oxide bulk crystals, thanks to a birefringent phase matching. These crystals can be put into a cavity so as to artificially increase the interaction length. In this context, KTP and rutile TiO2 are studied experimentally ; the cavity configuration is subjected to a theoretical work. The second strategy focuses on the generation in optical fibers under modal phase matching : long interaction length, high confinement of the electromagnetic field, and non-existence of polluting second-order nonlinear processes are key advantages. Third-harmonic generation experiments in germanium-doped silica fibers are performed in order to prepare the experiments of triple photon generation ; and phase-matching properties in chalcogenide photonic-crystal fibers are calculated.

(The presentation will be given in French with slides in English).

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