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Séminaire NANO

Mardi 24 juin à 9h30,
Salle Rémi Lemaire, K223

Orateur : Sven ROHR
"Single spin dynamics in a single NV - SiC nanowire hybrid system"

Probing the quantum world with macroscopic objects has been a core challenge for research during the past decades. Proposed systems to reach this goal include hybrid devices that couple a nanomechanical resonator to a single spin two level system. In particular, the coherent actuation of a macroscopic mechanical oscillator by a single electronic spin would open perspectives in the creation of arbitrary quantum states of motion. In the past we have studied the effects of mechanical oscillations magnetically coupled to the energy of a single NV center electronic spin by either using a single NV center coupled to a SiC nanowire (NV/SiC) [1] or a waveguiding system [2]. By employing ESR techniques, we demonstrate the existence of two characteristic regimes, where the spin resonance is either broadened (adiabatic regime) or exhibits motional sidebands (SB). We go on by probing the spin dynamics in the sideband regime by studying Rabi oscillations of a spin using with the waveguiding system. Our results show how the spin dynamics, via a double dressing effect, self-synchronizes onto the oscillation dynamics. Finally, we present first experimental signatures of the synchronization on the truly mechanical NV/SiC system and explain its potential usefulness in spin force measurement protocols.

[1] O. Arcizet, Nat. Phys 7, 879-883 (2011)
[2] S. Rohr, PRL 112, 010502 (2014)

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