Nano-Neuro interfaces

In addition to the control of neural network topology, we develop ultra-sensitive nano-sensors and their instrumentation to follow spikes propagation along the cells and their networks. Because nanoscale field effect transistors are able to overcome size limitation of conventional capacitive sensors (conventional commercial micro-electrodes), we are integrating silicon nanowires and graphene based FET arrays for multisite recording and stimulation of designable neurons networks. Such highly bio-compatible and highly sensitive bioelectronics appear also suitable for enhancing the time-stability of the current Brain Interfaces.

Silicon Nanowire Field Effect Transistor Neurons cultured on graphene FET

PhD theses :
- Interfacing neurons with nanoelectronics: form silicon nanowires to carbon devices, F. Veliev, thesis dissertation 2016 pdf
- Graphene bioelectronics for long term neuronal interfacing, A. Bourrier, thesis dissertation 2017 pdf

Articles :
- Sensing ion channels in neuronal networks with graphene transistors, F.Veliev et al pdf
- Recording spikes activity in cultured hippocampal neurons using flexible or transparent graphene transistors, F.Veliev et al pdf

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