Shape Memory Alloys

Magnetic Heusler alloys of the type Ni2MnX(X=Ga, In, Sn, Sb…) exhibit magnetostructural transitions inducing caloric effects, giant deformations, shape memory effects, large magnetoresistance or piezoresistance and other important properties for potential applications. These properties result from a solid magnetostructural transformation from austenite to martensite and/or a solid rearrangement in the martensite phase. Our aim is to have a better understanding and characterization of the mechanisms involved in the multifunctional behavior and in the coupling of properties to open up new ways of controlling actuators and devices.

(Left) Resistivity of Ni-Co-Mn-In single crystal as a function the temperature (in red) under pressure (in green) and magnetic field (in blue). Inset :crystallographic structure of the austenite and the martensite. (Right) Rearrangement of martensite variants upon uniaxial pressure.

More details here (pdf)

D. Bourgault et al. APL 96, 132501 (2010) (link)

L. Porcar et al. APL. 100, 152405 (2012) (link)

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