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Séminaire Magnétisme frustré

Jeudi 12 Juin à 14h00,
Salle Remy Lemaire, K223

Orateur : Ioan Chioar (Institut Néel, Grenoble)
"Artificial Spin Ice : Engineering frustrated spin models at the nanoscale"


Artificial spin ice stands for systems designed to explore the physics of magnetic frustration [1]. By using lithography techniques, artificial arrays of nanomagnets can be manufactured with the desired shape, size and network topology. Furthermore, by employing nano-characterization techniques, the magnetic state of each network component can be probed, thus yielding an exhaustive knowledge of the system’s magnetic configuration. This approach offers an almost infinite playground for the study of a wide variety of 2D spin models and, in the case of frustrated models, observe how spins locally accommodate frustration effects. However, in most cases, such systems are insensitive to thermal fluctuations and a demagnetization procedure has generally been used to make them evolve towards low-energy manifolds where exotic behavior is expected [2].
So far, most efforts have focused on square and kagome lattices with in-plane magnetized nanomagnets and some exciting phenomena have been reported [3–6]. In this talk I will focus on two different artificial realizations of the kagome geometry, with in-plane and out-of-plane magnetized nano-islands. The in-plane magnetized kagome array has been intensively studied and an exotic phase has been found [3-6], but the out-of-plane magnetized kagome array remains rather unexplored [7-8].

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