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Mardi 27 mai à 14h00
Salle Nevil Mott, D420

Oratrice : Hadi ARJMANDI-TASH
"Dispositifs électroniques et mécaniques en graphène sous environnement optimal : du graphène suspendu aux hétérostructures graphène/nitrure de bore "


Charge carriers in graphene form stable two-dimensional gases which are fully exposed to the environment. As a consequence, the electrical performance of graphene is strongly affected by surface charged impurities as well as topographic perturbations inherited from the underlying substrate. This thesis addresses several methods to circumvent that issue. The first method consists in embedding graphene in an optimized environment by depositing graphene onto some neutral and crystalline material. Novel 2D insulating materials such as hexagonal boron nitride buffer layer (BN) appears as ideal substrates to get rid of detrimental effect of interfacial charges and corrugation. Several fabrication schemes of Graphene/BN stacks are shown including some direct in-situ growth of graphene on BN crystal using an innovative proximity-driven chemical vapour growth based on BN exfoliation on copper. In order to explore the effects of the improved substrate on the transport properties of graphene, we have performed low temperature magneto-transport studies on these stacks. We present a direct comparison of weak localization signals with those acquired on a graphene/silica reference device. A clear increase of the coherence length is shown on Graphene/BN stacks together with improved electronic mobility and charge neutrality. Removing the substrate and suspending graphene is another approach for optimization of the graphene environment which forms the second topic covered in this thesis. After introducing an improved recipe for preserving the quality of graphene throughout an elaborate fabrication process, we probe the room- and low-temperature performance of the nano-electro-mechanical devices based on doubly clamped suspended graphene ribbons. The obtained data are used for characterizing the thermal expansion of CVD graphene.

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