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14 MARS EN SALLE des séminaires à 10h00 Léopold DIOP

Structure et propriétés physiques de composés magnétiques de type RT12B6 et (Hf,Ta)Fe2 et leur dépendance en fonction de la pression (physique ou chimique) (R=élément de terre rare et T=élément de transition 3d)


Our multidisciplinary study includes the synthesis of intermetallic compounds and the characterization of their structural and magnetic properties. Our work has focused on RT12B6 borides where R is a rare earth element or yttrium and T a 3d transition metal as well as (Hf, Ta)Fe2 Laves phases. In order to understand the physical properties of these compounds, we have implemented various external variables (temperature, magnetic field, pressure) as well as internal variables such as the chemical pressure due to the substitution of one element with another.

Through this experimental work, we investigated the magnetic properties of RCo12B6 compounds. The magnetic properties of these compounds present both an ordering temperature which is quasi independent of the rare earth element R and a remarkably small magnetic moment of Co. We show that the R-Co exchange interactions are more than an order of magnitude smaller that the Co-Co occurring in these compounds. We demonstrated that the iron for cobalt substitution in RCo12B6 compounds gives rise to a preferential substitution scheme. Combining Mössbauer spectroscopy and neutron diffraction, we have found that the magnetic ordering direction is extremely sensitive to Fe/Co substitution.

LaFe12B6 compound presents remarkable magnetic properties with an antiferromagnetic (AFM) ground state but it can be transformed into a ferromagnetic (FM) state by the applied magnetic field or by the temperature. At low temperature, the field-induced AFM-FM metamagnetic transition has a large hysteresis and exhibits ultra sharp jumps as shown in our magnetic, magnetostriction and transport measurements. The metamagnetic transition is also very sensitive to the applied pressure. LaFe12B6 intermetallic compound shows a large linear thermal expansion, a huge volume magnetostriction and both normal and inverse magnetocaloric effects. The effect of cobalt or manganese for iron substitution or cerium for lanthanum substitution on the structural and magnetic properties was deeply investigated. Co/Fe or Mn/Fe substitution in both cases leads to a strong increase of the critical field of the metamagnetic transition. However Ce/La substitution reduces strongly the transition field. The investigation of LaFe12B6 amorphous alloy, prepared by melt spinning, shows radically different magnetic properties since the amorphous phase becomes ferromagnetic with a high Curie temperature.

Finally we studied the intrinsic magnetic properties of the Hf1-xTaxFe2 system for which the solid solution is complete. The analysis of all the measurements highlighted original behaviours of the iron magnetism and this both in the ordered state and in the paramagnetic state. These remarkable properties are attributed to the itinerant character of the Fe 3d band magnetism, which gives rise to the metamagnetic transition between the AFM and FM states.

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