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The topic for the 2015 European School on Magnetism is From basic magnetic concepts to spin manipulation, part of the Series of the European School on Magnetism. The School will take place from Aug.24th to Sep.4th 2015 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Like previous editions of ESM, the 2015 School aims at providing a thorough understanding of magnetism based on a broad series of fundamental lectures, while offering the latest insights into up-to-date aspects of magnetism with lectures focusing on a special topic. The topic proposed in 2015 is spintronics with a special emphasis on Spin currents. This covers a wide range of fundamental phenomena in condensed matter physics, and opportunities for applications. The detailed topics to be covered are : basic concepts, magnetism in matter, thermal effects and magnetization processes, transport phenomena, spin-transfer effects, effects of electric field, spin currents, caloritronics etc.

The School is addressed at young scientists, mainly PhD students and post-docs, both experimentalists and theoreticians. It will gather circa 20 lecturers and a hundred participants coming mainly from Europe, with a few positions open to other countries. It will consist of a ten-day training of lectures and practicals provided by prominent scientists active in today’s research, interactive question sessions, access to a library of magnetism-related books, and industrial contributions

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