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Vendredi 24 janvier à 14h00,
Salle des séminaires, Bât. A

Orateur : Stefan Thiele (Institut Néel, NanoSpin)
"Read-out and coherent manipulation of an isolated nuclear spin using a single-molecule magnet spin-transistor"

Abstract :

The realization of a functional quantum computer is one of the most ambitious technologically goals of today’s scientists. Its basic building block is composed of a two-level quantum system, namely a quantum bit (or qubit). Among the other existing concepts, spin based devices are very attractive since they benefit from the steady progress in nanofabrication and allow for the electrical read-out of the qubit state. In this context, a single nuclear-spin qubit, embedded in a molecular spin-transistor, was investigated in my thesis. The device allowed for an electrical, non-destructive read-out of the nuclear spin state. Employing this property we were able to measure the real-time quantum trajectory of an isolated nuclear spin qubit. Furthermore, using a novel technique, we demonstrated the coherent manipulation of a nuclear spin by means of external electric fields. By performing first quantum operations we could measure the dephasing time of the single-nuclear spin and thus extended the potential of molecular spintronics beyond classical device applications.

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