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Séminaire MCBT

Date : Mardi 14 janvier 2014 à 11h00
Lieu : Salle Louis Weil [E424, bât. E

Orateur : Nedjma Bendiab (Institut Néel)
"Time and space-modulated Raman signals in graphene-based optical cavities"

Abstract :

We present fabrication and optical characterization of micro-cavities made of multilayer graphene (MLG) cantilevers clamped by metallic electrodes and suspended over Si/SiO2 substrates. Graphene cantilevers act as semi-transparent mirrors closing air wedge optical cavities. This simple geometry implements a standing-wave optical resonator along with a mechanical one. Equal thickness interference fringes are observed in both Raman and Rayleigh backscattered signals, with interfringe given by their specific wavelength. Chromatic dispersion within the cavity makes possible the spatial modulation of graphene Raman lines and selective rejection of the silicon background signal. Electrostatic actuation of the multilayer graphene cantilever by a gate voltage tunes the cavity length and induces space and time modulation of the backscattered light, including the Raman lines. We demonstrate the potential of these systems for high-sensitivity Raman measurements of generic molecular species grafted on a multilayer graphene surface. The Raman signal of the molecular layer can be modulated both in time and space in a similar fashion and shows enhancement with respect to a collapsed membrane.

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