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Mercredi 20 novembre 2013 à 14h00,
Lieu : Salle Rémy Lemaire, K223

Oratrice : Amina KIMOUCHE (Insitut Néel, dép. NANO)
"Toward novel hybrid materials based on epitaxial graphene : controling the formation of defects and using them for intercalation"


Epitaxial graphene on metal substrates is a promising platform for developing new hybrid systems, in which interface effects can be exploited to engineer novel properties. The insertion of foreign species between graphene and its substrate, referred to as “intercalation”, was shown very powerful in this respect. First, I will present my study of two intercalated systems based on epitaxial graphene on Ir(111) : graphene/iridium oxide/iridium and graphene/cobalt/iridium. Some defects, especially wrinkles (linear delaminations of graphene from its substrate) and other curved graphene regions, play a crucial, yet unanticipated role in the intercalation process. We also found that the intercalation proceeds in a markedly different fashion under ultra-high vacuum and under atmospheric pressure. Second, I will turn to the growth of graphene on rhenium, a substrate which can be turned superconducting at low temperature and thus a desirable one for inducing superconductivity in graphene by a proximity effect. We have explored two growth routes, exhibiting features which are typical of a strong interaction between graphene and its substrate. This model system opens the route to the future development of graphene/superconducting intercalated hybrids.

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