Catherine Bougerol

Dr Catherine Bougerol, obtained her PhD in physics in 1986 (Etude du système supraconducteur BaPb1-xBixO3. Relations entre les propriétés structurales, chimiques et physiques) and her HDR Diploma in 1993 from J. Fourier Grenoble University. She became researcher (CR2) at the CNRS in 1986 and joined the Laboratoire de Cristallographie in Grenoble where she studied the structure of High Tc superconductors and oxides from different diffraction technics (X-ray, neutron, electron) until 2003. She became Director of Research, DR2, in 2000 and DR1 in 2013. In January 2004, she changed her research interest and joined the CEA-CNRS joint team “Nanophysique and Semiconductors” from Néel Institut, where she is in charge of the Microstructural Analyses. Her current activity concerns studies of semiconducting nanostructures (Nitrides, II-V,..) from transmission electron microscopy (diffraction, high resolution imaging, EELS spectroscopy and filtered imaging, STEM imaging, EDX mapping) CB is co-author of 170 publications in peer-reviewed regular journals, as well as 110 articles in peer-reviewed conference proceedings. She has presented 15 invited talks in international conferences. She is also co-inventor of 1 patent. As additional activities, CB has been deputy-director of the laboratory of cristallographie (2000-2004) and nominated member of the Comité National of the Scientific Research during the same period. CB has been expert evaluator for the FP7 program of the European Commission and is expert for the Flanders Research Foundation. CB is co-editor of EPJAP. She has also been involved all along her carrier in teaching (Master courses from UJF, European Schools (HERCULES, BEST-INPG, ESONN,..) and Summer Schools (Erice school of crystallography, Nano-école CNRS, GANEX)

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Summer school lectures:

Microscopie Electronique en Transmission et Nanosciences
NANOECOLE CNRS Autrans 13 Octobre 2006 (in French/ en français)
Structural Characterization of Nitrides : Electron Microscopy (Transmission)
GaNeX Summer School La Grande Motte June 2013 (in English)
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