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International Symposium on Decoherence and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Decoherence and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

Quantum coherence and decoherence are among the most important concepts in quantum mechanics. They are intensively studied, both theoretically and experimentally, in particular to gain a better understanding of the foundations of quantum mechanics and for crucial applications, such as quantum computing. However coherence and decoherence are also common concepts in classical physics (e.g. waves, classical optics etc…). Key questions remain unanswered. Thus, even though many quantum predictions of decoherence phenomena have been verified experimentally in the study of, e.g., the damping of Rabi oscillations, one can still ask whether the idea of non-local entanglement with environmental degrees of freedom is really necessary to explain such damping. Can one instead appeal to simple local correlations, of classical origin, with the environment, notably during a measurement with a classical measuring tool ? Another important question concerns the way in which observations of decoherence test our current interpretations of quantum mechanics - indeed, can such experiments test quantum mechanics itself ?

This symposium will gather experimentalists and theoreticians. We shall see in detail how Rabi oscillations can be produced and measured in different types of systems (spins, superconducting qubits…), how they are damped by their “their own” environments, and how this can be interpreted theoretically (showing in particular what be limited to classical physics and what is necessarily beyond a classical interpretation). The symposium will be concluded by a discussion on the interpretations of quantum mechanics.


Contact : Bernard Barbara

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