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Séminaire Magnétisme frustré

Jeudi 18 Avril à 14h00,
salle Remy Lemaire, K223

Orateur : J. Emilio Lorenzo
"Free spins in the spin chain/ladder compound Sr14Cu24O41 : theoretical predictions finally confirmed"

Abstract :

From the simple S=1/2 object, that it is thoroughly studied in view of quantum computing applications, to arrays of spins with its own paradigm, low dimensional quantum spins systems constitute an immense reservoir of endless possibilities in the study of quantum properties of solids. Sometimes the complexity of interactions is such that unsought properties reveal at low temperatures and in the presence of magnetic fields and/or of pressure. Here we have exploited the results of an ab-initio calculation (M.B. Lepetit) to show how the misfit structure of Sr14Cu24O41 can induce free spins coupled to holes, in a sea of S=1/2 dimers. Interestingly this cluster of spins behave as a "large" spin molecule with level crossings and magnetic relaxations. In addition, and following the tradition of Electronic Crystals, Charge Density Wave relaxation dynamics has been observed, as well, in what we believe is one of the most complex specific heat responses ever measured.

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