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Séminaire MCMF

Mardi 19 Février à 14H30,
Salle Erwin Bertaut, F418

Orateur : Paulo Wendhausen (LabMAt – Powder Metallurgy Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil)

"Research on Magnetic Materials at University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil."


An overview of Powder Metallurgy Laboratory activities regarding materials engineering, with emphasis on approaches for the fabrication of bulk magnetocaloric and hard magnetic materials will be addressed in this presentation. For the magnetocaloric materials a strategy, based on processing materials from powder into bulk components, has been successfully developed in cooperation with TUDelft and IFW-Dresden. The methods used to produce powder were either hydrogen decrepitation (HD) of the as-cast alloys or the reduction-diffusion process (R/D). Bulk components of near single-phase La(Fe,Si)13Hy have been fabricated. In this case, it will be shown that the most important advantage is the reduction of the overall processing time, as well as final component conformability aiming its application as a magnetic refrigerant. For the second group of materials, namely NdDy-Fe-B hard magnets, a recent research was carried out in cooperation with FraunhoferIFAM, in Bremen, to show the feasibility of the powder injection molding process to produce small intricate-shape anisotropic components. First results show that the process can be adapted to produce magnets with remanences up to 1.15 T and coercivities in excess of 1500 kA/m. Further developments in this area will be concerned with the binder extraction assisted with plasma atmosphere, as well as microstructural investigations to better understand the role of carbon residues on the overall magnetic properties.

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