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Séminaire LANEF

Jeudi 29 novembre à 10h30
salle de conférences Rémy Lemaire Bat.K, K223
"Quantum Turbulence"
Orateur : Ladic SKRBEK (Charles University, Prague)


We review physical properties of quantum fluids He II and 3He-B, where quantum turbulence (QT) has been studied experimentally. Basic properties of QT in these working fluids are discussed within the phenomenological two-fluid model. We consider counterflows in which the normal and superfluid components flow against each other, co-flows in which the direction of the two fluids is the same as well as the important case of zero temperature limit, where QT represents an interesting and probably the simplest prototype of three-dimensional turbulence in fluids. Experimental techniques to explore QT such as direct visualization using frozen tracer particles of solid hydrogen/deuterium, second sound attenuation, Andreev reflection, NMR, ion propagation and drag on vibrating objects are briefly introduced, emphasizing those used in our Prague Laboratory. Results of various experiments are discussed, emphasizing similarities and differences between classical and quantum turbulence.

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