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Mardi 6 novembre à 14h00
Salle des séminaires, Bât A.
Orateur : Michelle Alvarez
"Microdiffraction et microtomographie in situ des transformations hétérogènes du C60 sous haute pression et haute température"


The C60 reaction diagram continues to be a subject of discussion and controversy, despite the vast amount of experimental and theoretical work done over the years. This is mainly due the lack of in situ studies, the highly disordered-states showing poorly resolved diffraction peaks and the coexistence of several low-density polytypes. This manuscript presents a systematic in situ study of high-pressure–high-temperature forms C60 in the range of 1-13 GPa and 300-1200 K. In order to discriminate poly(a)morphs with similar densities in heterogeneous samples, we used a combination of microdiffraction and microtromography. The samples were synthesized in a Paris-Edinburgh cell and characterized using in situ angular dispersive X-ray diffraction. Three-dimensional submicron images were obtained on quenched samples using diffraction/scattering microtomography. This method provides 3D analysis of the scattering intensity reconstructed from sets of 2D microdiffraction projections. Such analysis is non-destructive and provides high sensitivity (0.1% volume), high spatial resolution (µm3) and can be multi-modal providing quantitative information on the morphology, density, elemental composition or structure of materials. Additionally, we describe the development of in situ high-pressure–high-temperature microtomography using a new rotating Paris-Edinburgh cell (RoToPEC) combined with synchrotron radiation. The ability to fully rotate the sample chamber under load, overcomes the limited angular aperture of ordinary high-pressure cells for acquiring tomographic projections in both, full-field imaging or microdiffraction modes. This innovative method enables dynamic studies of materials under extreme pressure-temperature-stress conditions, impacting areas such as physics, chemistry, materials science or geology. The potential of this new experimental technique is demonstrated on the in situ investigation of of high-pressure–high-temperature polymerization of C60 .

Keywords : C60, phase diagram, diffraction, microtomography, high-pressure–high-temperature

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