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Merging — FP7 FET ENERGY (2013-2016)

MERGING is a European FP7 project in theme Future Emerging Technologies (FET) ENERGY. The aim of this project is to realise compact thermoelectrics based on membrane suspended systems for harvesting energy at the nanoscale.

Our concept, which goes up to a test device, is based on deep understanding of the behaviour of phonons, their control leading to the control of thermal transport. It is based on minimizing the thermal conductance and or thermal conductivity by phonon engineering. A ZT=2.5 is targeted together with module compactness and integration potential.

The module will be based on technologies combining Si microelectronics, thin film thermoelectric material and novel concepts to understand heat transport in 2-dimensional (2D) nanostructured materials such as Si-based ultrathin membranes, GeMn and strontium titanate. The device will carry enough current but insignificant or little heat. Theoretical and experimental investigations of heat transport will be carried out. The methods and technologies developed will enable nm-scale control of energy generation and heat flow. This will impact on on-chip and in-package energy management that is of crucial importance for future technologies. Especially, our targets contribute to (a) on-chip harvesting of thermoelectricity and (b) management of heat flow in the applications of heterogeneous integration and nanoelectronics.

Contact at Institut NEEL : Olivier Bourgeois

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