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France Japan joint workshop on Advanced Lasers and Nonlinear Optics

Lundi 3 septembre 2012
Salle Erwin Bertaut, F418

Program :
10h30-11h00 Coffee and welcome by Ichiro Shoji and Benoît Boulanger
11h00-12h00 Visit of the experiments (crystal growth, cutting & polishing, optics)
12h15-13h30 Lunch(H2Sup)
13h30-18h00 Oral presentations and discussions

13h30-13h55 Ryuji Morita, Hokkaido University
“Few-cycle optical-vortex pulse generation by parametric amplification”

13h55-14h20 Takashige Omatsu, Chiba University
“Frequency extension of optical vortex lasers”

14h20-14h45 PatriciaSegonds, Néel Institute
“Infrared crystals for optical parametric interactions”

14h45-15h10 Benoît Boulanger, Néel Institute
“Triple photons : a new state of light”

15h10-15h35 Coffee break

15h35-16h00 Alain Ibanez, Néel Institute
“Fluorescent molecular nanocrystals grown in silicate thin films or in silicate spheres for biophotonics”

16h00-16h25 Alexandra Pena, Néel Institute
“Crystal growth and characterization of PPKTP crystals”

16h25-16h50 Hideki Ishizuki, Institute of Molecular Science
“10 mm thick periodically poled Mg-doped congruent LiNbO3for high-energy wave length conversion”

16h50-17h15 Ichiro Shoji, Chuo University
“Development of high-performance laserdevices by use of the room-temperature bonding"

17h15-17h40 Hiroaki Minamide, RIKEN
“1kW peak-power terahertz-wave source and sensitive detection”

17h40-18h00 Exchange and conclusion.

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