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Séminaire Magnétisme Frustré : "Dynamical properties of the classical Kagomé AFM"

Julien Robert (LLB, CEA Saclay) présentera un séminaire intitulé : "Dynamical properties of the classical Kagomé AFM" mercredi 20 juin à 14h Salle Rémy Lemaire K223

By combining monte carlo and spin dynamics simulations, we investigate the precessionnal dynamics of the classical kagome antiferromagnet through the calculation of the dynamical structure factor S(Q, t). Recently, evidences for spin wave like excitations in the two distincts spin liquid (T > T0) and coplanar (T < T0) low temperature regimes – whose temperature ranges are given by the entropically driven onset of spin plane coplanarity at T0/J 5 x 10-3 – has been given [1] . However, only a little is known about the longer time scales describing the fluctuations around the ground-state manifold.

Here, to capture how such propagative excitations arise in spite of short-ranged static correlations, we give more insight about this relaxationnal dynamics and establish in particular the temperature and wave-vector dependence of the lifetime of locally ordered states. Although the infinite components spins model [2] qualitatively accounts for the dynamical properties in the spin liquid regime (T/J > 5 x 10-3 ), we show at lower temperature that the entropic selection (i) leads to strongly different dynamical correlations for the in-plane and out-of-plane spin components below the transition (the out-of-plane fluctuations being governed by weathervane-modes), and (ii) almost suppresses the diffusive behavior observed in the cooperative regime in favor of mainly propagative spin transfers [3].

We furthermore show that the powder averaged spectrum is overwhelmed by these spin fluctuations, pointing out that the propagative spin waves evidenced in [1] would be hardly discernible in powder samples down to very low temperatures, as observed experimentally [4].


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