Neighboring institutions

Grenoble is the largest French center for condensed matter physics and technology outside Paris. This exceptional place provides a wealth of opportunities for fertilizing complementary expertise and objectives, from interdisciplinary research to bridging upstream research with exploitation towards applications.

Here is a list of actors and actions of Grenoble science, and its links with Institut NEEL.

Grenoble is home of currently four universities, in the move to become united in a single one, Université de Grenoble. Institut NEEL has long-standing and tight links with the currently two scientific universities, Université Joseph Fourier and Grenoble Institut National Polytechnique

CEA is a French government-funded academic and technological research organisation, with a large center hosted in Grenoble, CEA-Grenoble. We have active and tight connections with CEA-Grenoble, notably with our close neighbor INAC (Institut NAnosciences et Cryogénie), and LETI and LITEN, two centers for technological research in semiconductor and energy technologies, respectively.

Other laboratories linked with CNRS & University
We work in strong synergy with several other CNRS and University neighboring laboratories with expertise similar to Institut NEEL such as LPMMC for theory of condensed matter, LNCMI (Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory), and also CRETA as a platform for industrial transfer, located on the Polygone CNRS site.

We have close links with many other laboratories in Grenoble, notably with complementary expertise to conduct interdisciplinary research and exploitation towards applications of our academic results. These include for instance G2Elab for electrical engineering and Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences for neurosciences and life sciences.

Minatec is a campus for technological innovation, hosting technological means such as clean room and advanced instrumentation, engineering higher education and private companies. Institut NEEL is involved in teaching and hosting students from Minatec, and makes use of technological means of Minatec.

Giant stands for Grenoble Innovation for Advanced New Technologies. It is an ongoing and long-term initiative to increase partnership between research and industry to foster technological breakthroughs. Actions comprise both research infrastructure and an ambitious urban plan for an open research, education and innovation campus at the heart of Grenoble. Institut NEEL is part of the Giant project, part of the fundamental research actors.

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