Spin-Optronics — ITN (2009-2013)

Spin-Optronics is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) project, spanning from Oct.2009 to oct.2013. We propose to join the forces of ten leading European teams in order to achieve a critical mass in the new research field of Spin-Optronics, a vast novel research area at the crossroads of fundamental physics of quantum-mechanical spin, optoelectronics and nanotechnology, and establish the European leadership in this area on a world-wide scale. All three main directions of the Network research activities — growth & technology, spectroscopy and theory — will be concentrated on novel spin and light polarisation effects in nanostructures, utilising confinement of not only charges and spins, but also photons. In this field, the information is ultimately carried out by the spin of photons, can be encoded in the confined spin state and manipulated on the nano-scale and redelivered in a form of polarised photons.

Contact at Institut NEEL : Lucien Besombes


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