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Historical milestones

1940Louis Néel settles in Grenoble
1946Laboratory of Electrostatic and Metal Physic (LEPM): first CNRS laboratory created outside of Paris, headed by Louis Néel.
1962Creation of the Center for Research on Very Low Temperatures (CRTBT)
1970Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Louis Néel
1971Groups of phase transitions join and become later the laboratory for the study of electronic properties of the solid (LEPES)

X-ray laboratory, later becomes the crystallography laboratory (LdC)

Magnetism laboratory, later named Louis Néel Laboratory (LLN)

2000Death of Louis Néel
2007Institut NEEL founded, based on these 4 laboratories, CRTBT, LLN, LEPES and LdC, and other teams issued from two other Grenoble physics laboratories
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