The cross disciplinary field of theoretical physics at Institut NEEL involves more than 20 permanent researchers carrying on fundamental research in condensed matter and statistical mechanics by both an analytical and also a numerical methodology.

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Isodensity surface plots of two of the HOMO LDA Kohn-Sham eigenstates of cytosine.

We develop theory, models, approximations, simulation algorithms and computer codes, and we apply all these tools to study real systems and calculate physical observables. Our interests involve structural atomic properties and phase diagrams, magnetic properties, electronic structure, various spectroscopies, superconductivity and quantum transport, in systems ranging from solids to nanostructures. The general purpose is to understand and interpret experimentally observed properties, as well as to predict new interesting phenomenology. Our work is very often in collaboration with experimentalists and in close connection with experiments carried on within the Institut Néel, as well as outside.

Permanent staff

The majority of whom are organized in two research groups : Condensed Matter Theory and Theory of Quantum Circuits, while some are directly associated with experimental groups. Some examples of Néel theoretical transverse axes of research are :

  • Quantum transport and nanoelectronics
  • Graphene
  • Organic systems
  • Interdisciplinary model and ab initio study of magnetic properties
  • Interdisciplinary study of strongly-correlated systems

We are involved in several national and European networks. A computing center constituted of one common cluster and several servers is available for our numerical simulations.

Highlights in recent years

Selected research contributions of particular relevance in the field of Theory .

- Electrons go green : Exploring organic semiconductors

- When holes lose their statistics

- Unified picture for diluted magnetic semiconductors

- When electrons perform in quartets

- Quantum melting of a spin-ice as a new route to supersolidity

- Fluctuating charge order destroys metallic behavior

- Emergent magnetic charge crystal in artificial dipolar spin ice

- Iron in hydrothermal fluids : fundamental geochemical processes studied by synchrotron radiation

- At the interface between ab initio calculations and correlated models

- Tunable light emission from a boron nitride nanotube device

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