The European School on Magnetism

Research schools intended for graduate students have been organized in Romania since 1997, with topics mostly related to Magnetism. The first schools were conducted in French and gathered French and Romanian students. Since 2003 the schools have been conducted in English and progressively became international, concerning both the choice of lecturers and attendees. Consequently, this series of schools has been renamed the European School on Magnetism (ESM). The last School was held in 2013 in Cargèse (France) with the topic “Magnetism for energy”. 90 attendees were registered on a first-come first-served basis. These were mostly PhDs and post-docs counting 30 nationalities and coming from 22 countries, mainly European.

Through a constant evolution the School has created a unique pedagogical environment, informal and interactive, where students truly get the most out of teaching : ten full days duration, both lectures and tutorials, question sessions, open-access library dedicated to magnetism, participation of industrials etc.
The core of the organization of ESM relies on research scientists from Néel Institute. It is supported by many institutions and most notably UJF and CNRS, and is guided by a European scientific committee. Since 2011 ESM has been officially associated with the bi-annual, largest European conference on Magnetism JEMS (Joint European Magnetic Symposia), which itself was initiated and first held in Grenoble in 2001. It is hosted on a European Portal and offers a repository of all lectures held over more than ten years. These common actions should contribute to the strengthening of the European magnetics community. It is expected to further increase the attractiveness of ESM, and through it the key role played by Grenoble laboratories and universities in modern magnetism.

Overview of a lecture hall

Computer tutorials (here micromagnetism, 4h).

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