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Transverse axis "Very Large Experimental Systems": Synchrotron and Neutron Radiation



The Institute has a long standing expertise in X-ray synchrotron and neutron techniques and data analysis. A key point for the successful achievement of our thematics concerns the development of original instrumentation strongly coupled with synchrotron radiation and Neutron experiments. Our unique position on a site grouping laboratories of the CEA as well as the ILL (Institut Laue Langevin) and the ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility) offers the possibility of establishing very fruitful collaborations and of building ambitious projects.

The Institute plays a key role in the ESRF and the ILL through the management of the French « Collaborative Research group » (CRG) beam lines at the ESRF and one further instrument at the ILL. Their staff acts as a technical service of the Institute. The
researchers involved belong to different research teams.

The strength and richness of our transverse research group structure come from the fact that physicists, chemists and geochemists, experimentalists and theoreticians are working very closely
together. Our group is and will be the way to structure and promote actions related to research infrastructures. It plays a key role in revealing new needs and in discover ing and characterizing new materials.



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Les nouvelles avancées et perspectives scientifiques du rayonnement synchrotron et neutronique

Présentation de l’état de l’art et implication de l’Institut Néel

 Mercredi 18 mars 2009

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Journée des utilisateurs de FAME

Lundi 08 septembre 2008

Programme de la journée


Propriétés structurales - propriétés électroniques, croissance, de couches minces, hétérostructures et nanostructures d’oxydes.

Lundi 29 et MArdi 30 octobre 2007

Programme de la journée Oxydes Epitaxiées


 Formation annuelle FAME +

Programme 2008

Programme 2009





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